BASECO International for Engineering Project, hereafter called “BASECO” was established in Qatar early in 2004. The company aimed its activities towards comprehensive structural steel complex projects. In the year 2008 BASECO was established in Cairo, Egypt and registered as Construction and Engineering Company with special focus on the industrial projects and the complex steel structural systems.

Mission & Vision

BASECO will strive to provide its clients with, International quality services, employing its local expertise, at affordable competitive budgets, and achieving customer satisfaction.

BASECO Vision is to be realized among the lead reliable service providers, and to be qualified as client’s first choice for tough and challenging opportunities.  

Our Slogan is

Our Offered Services

Oil & Gas Installations


Fertilizer Plants
Sugar Refineries

Cement Plants Construction

Cement Plant Refurbishment

Complex Structural Systems

Power Plants Construction

Steel mills Construction

Tank Farms
Bulk Storage Tanks

Special Buildings
Convention Centers

Fabrication Associated Partners

BASECO relies only on reliable and highly qualified workshops to perform the required steel fabrications, BASECO has qualified several steel fabricators locally and abroad, in Egypt, Thailand in its projects. Among those fabricators are, Elhelal, ARESCO, Energya, ASF.


BASECO management considers Safety is “No Option” and very much committed to stringent safety policies in line with OSHA, with ultimate goal to achieve Zero Injury.
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is always provided for each method statement. Safety inductions are always performed prior commencing any activity.

Quality Control

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, BASECO, applies Total Quality Management (TQM) Pyramid Documentation system, in compliance with ISO 9001.
BASECO Management system comprises four levels of documentation


*BASECO has established its engineering arm  to address most of its projects needs. BASECO can always call on its associates for engineering services where we would face shortage  or consultation on complex projects.

*BASECO engineers have access to any required software in the various fields to address its projects need in process,  stress analysis, planning and manufacturing

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